De Beers begin using new Multimedia Presentation

The prestigious diamond company; De Beers will begin using their new multimedia presentation this month. Fast Floor have been working with De Beers Diamonds for over seven years now and have most recently been creating an internal presentation for De Beers to use at their UK office, London. The presentation will be used to showcase both the history and future developments of the company to groups of visitors.

Fast Floor have built the presentation in flash, using XML technology meaning the presentation is updatable by the client, should they need to change the content.

The presentation includes; a 3D animation which explains how diamonds were formed, an animated timeline dating back to the pre 1880’s, illustrative maps which show areas of exploration, mining, production, trading and sales, a full video library of De Beers advertisements, a fascinating facts section, a research area and key information regarding the De Beers board and group structure.


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