Bespoke Business Software - Cloud Application Development

"Often, adding people to poor systems and practices only serves to multiply incumbent inefficiency".

Bespoke Business Software DeveloperOur clients often come to us when they realise their operation isn't running as efficiently as they wish. Typically they will have been managing their business with a mix of spreadsheets and 'off-the-shelf' legacy systems and in-house developed processes – resulting in workarounds and regular firefighting.

We design and develop bespoke business software applications using a web-based (On-Site or Cloud) platform to assist with reducing administrative tasks, improving efficiencies, streamlining processes and achieving integrated data with resulting significant cost savings.

Our collaborative development process allows our clients to see a working prototype, which we develop with them, taking the guess work out of designing the system. Only once the prototype is signed-off will we commence full development, this ensures a right first time solution.


The 'Right First Time' Philosophy

A business should seek to identify optimal workflow, regardless of current practices. A ‘Magic Wand’ mindset is helpful if we are to help you explore all potential areas for operational streamlining. The resulting workflow we produce together is then mapped to define the business requirements that drive the design and development of the tailored system. Our approach is to prototype the proposed system (mock-up every data entry screen) before development commences in order to ensure; the right solution will be delivered.  Collaborative development increases ‘buy in’ from project stakeholders.

We design and implement bespoke, web-based software applications and offer advice for putting in-place a fit for purpose IT infrastructure in order to serve them.

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 .NET SQL Server DeveloperTypical Services we offer include:

  • Operational Workflow Streamlining & Mapping (Business Process Refinement)
  • Bespoke Web-Based / Cloud Software Design & Development (Data Management & Operational Business Solutions)
  • Systems Integration (dovetailing remote systems, XML, Web Services)
  • Systems Defragmentation (replacing Excel with unified solutions, ERP)
  • Supplier Selection / Contract Negotiation / Programme Management (when engaged purely as consultants)

Typical web / cloud software applications we develop include:

  • MIS
  • CRM Systems
  • Recruitment Company Management Software
  • Sales Order Processing Software
  • Operations Management Software
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems (ERP)
  • Case Management Systems
  • E-commerce Solutions
  • Content Management Systems (CMS)
  • Print Business Operations Management System
  • Asset Management / Library Systems
  • Membership Databases
  • Financial Statistics and Analysis Tools
  • Systems Integration
  • Data Transformation / Migration
  • Time and Motion Study Systems
  • Web-Based Reporting Systems
  • Dynamic Calendaring and Scheduling Systems
  • GPS Asset Tracking / Mapping Systems / Google Map Integration
  • Web to Print Systems