Our Story

There’s a unique history to Fast Floor, one that tends to raise a few eyebrows.

Originally formed as a music production company in the early ‘90’s, Fast Floor Productions played a key role in the development of dance music over a number of years – so much so, that the musical compositions of the Directors Paul Clarke and Ron Wells are recognised historically as such, featuring in part of several University Music degree courses.

Times have changed, but the tenacity of the Directors remains, ever since the formation of Fast Floor Multimedia in 1996. The migration from music to, initially, delivering websites was swift and incisive, an opportunity had presented itself to use the technical and business interests that had been bubbling under. The business organically grew, relocated to Market Harborough in Leicestershire and started to deliver a broader mix of marketing and technology, all well before the turn of the millennium.

From over a decade ago, Fast Floor recognised the link between marketing and web-based technology. This naturally now forms a key part of the company’s core offering.

We’ve earned our reputation by delivering Business-to-Business projects fit for purpose. Applying our enthusiasm inside other businesses to help them grow and be more profitable has become a cornerstone of our business. In fact if you ask our clients, they’ll probably tell you it’s the way we apply a strong business and commercial focus to our projects that they enjoy, and indeed benefit from. 

Our experience covers; multi-national household names, SME’s, invested start-ups, not-for-profit and the Public Sector.